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A Forensic Expert Trainer

An experienced researcher, thought leader, and author, with a track
record of successfully delivering Forensic Investigation Services and
Training and passionately involved in Research & Development that
leads to advancement and improvement...

About me

Dr. Ranjeet Singh

I am a passionate Forensic Learner and founder of Sherlock Institute of Forensic Science with more than a decade of experience in the Forensic Science field. My extensive expertise in solving Cyber Forensic, Digital Forensic, Fingerprint, Questioned Documents, and Cyber Security related cases make me a sought-after professional across the globe.

Apart from my strong professionalism, I believe in maintaining a work-life balance. So, occasionally I conduct several team building and employee recognition activities. My team loves me for implementing mindful strategies to maintain harmony at work.

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Journey at a Glance

Through education from Delhi University, I started Sherlock Institute of Forensic Science India, a Govt. Regd. Private Forensic Science Laboratory and training academy with a mission to serve the nation in solving criminal cases and balancing the demand and supply ratio of trained forensic specialists.

I am working round the clock to fulfil my vision to be recognized as India's most loved crime investigation agency and training academy. I offer cost-effective services easily accessible to everyone to create a crime-free society.

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Dr Ranjeet Singh


2006 - Present
Dr Ranjeet Singh

President IASR

2016 - Present
Dr Ranjeet Singh

Director CDI

2017 - Present
Dr Ranjeet Singh

Forensic Trainer

2006 - Present

My Passion

A Lifelong Forensic Lover & Learner with a Purpose

I love to keep myself updated with new trends to create a better version of myself personally and professionally.

I work not merely to make money to accomplish personal ambitions and influence others but to use my expertise in forensics to serve the nation and work for the upliftment of humanity.

Along with staying in tune with the current advancements in my field, you will often find me indulging in activities like meditation, yoga, and gardening to maintain high productivity levels.

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My Education

My knowledge investment journey for a better tomorrow

Dr Ranjeet Singh
Doctor of Philosophy

Delhi University, on Forensic Specialisation.

Dr Ranjeet Singh
M.Sc. Anthropology

From Delhi University, with specialisation on Poroscopy.

Dr Ranjeet Singh
M.Sc. Forensic Science

The Global Open University, Nagaland with specialisation on Cyber Forensic.

Dr Ranjeet Singh
Bachelor of Law (LLB)

Major in Cyber Lab, IT Act, Criminal Law, IPC, Evidence Act, Cross Examination.

Dr Ranjeet Singh
Forensic Certifications

Forensic PG Diploma, Diploma, and Certification from top Most Universities.

Dr Ranjeet Singh

From EC Council, about usage of digital forensics tools and techniques

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My Training

Mastering the Art of Defining Success

I understand that skill enhancement is a never-ending process and to complete my journey from beginner to expert, gaining hands-on professional training is the best option.

I have acquired several top-notch industry certifications and training from globally-recognized universities and organizations to advance my skills in the forensic science field and meet my career goals.

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My Experience

I am known for my solutions-oriented 360° approach to case solving and conducting bespoke seminars, workshops, conferences, guest lectures, and training programs with a competitive and goal-driven mindset.

Also, I supervise a team of 50+ forensic experts and several freelancers globally, along with a personalized approach to client problem-solving.

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Dr Ranjeet Singh


With a mission to provide quality training to forensic enthusiasts..
Dr Ranjeet Singh


I have successfully provided online and offline workshops...
Dr Ranjeet Singh

Police Training

Police must be equipped with updated crime investigation...
Dr Ranjeet Singh

Corporate Training

Organizations’ main aim is to achieve business goals...

My Professional Moto

Working to Leave Behind a Legacy

Dr Ranjeet Singh

Controlling inner emotions and staying organized is a must for success. I practice strong self-discipline to motivate...

Dr Ranjeet Singh
Strong Work Ethics

Continuing to work until it is complete is my priority. I always have work on my mind, even on the weekend, holiday...

Dr Ranjeet Singh

Happy employees are the company’s assets. I analyze my staff’s strengths and weaknesses, create a comfortable work...

Dr Ranjeet Singh
Flexible Mindset

As an open-minded leader, I am always ready to face challenging situations, switch my priorities...

Dr Ranjeet Singh
Risk Taker

To stay ahead of the competition and accomplish my business goal, I have mastered the art of recovering...

Dr Ranjeet Singh
Networking Ability

As a great collaborator and team player, I know the value of relationship building and seizing opportunities...

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My Connections

With enough data, the numbers speak for themselves.

Let the numbers speak!

With enough data, the numbers speak for themselves.


Learning Countries


Cyber Safe Learner


Expert Opinion


Training Sessions

Research Work

Scientific Exploration to Discover Unseen Truth

Dr Ranjeet Singh
Cyber Forensic Examination

Audio, video, mobile, and computer forensic analysis.

Dr Ranjeet Singh
Forensic Anthropology

Human Identification, Disaster Victim Identification, Personal Identifcation

Dr Ranjeet Singh
Document Examination

All types of handwriting and signature verification and forgery detection

Dr Ranjeet Singh
Disaster Victim Identification

All types of Secondary Identification, Fingerprint from Cadavor

Dr Ranjeet Singh
Fingerprint Examination

Fingerprint lifting and analysis using physical and chemical methods

Dr Ranjeet Singh
Crime Scene Investigation

Evidence collection and preservation; crime scene photography

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Here is some


Recognitions motivate you to perform better every time.

During my journey as a forensic expert, my selfless contributions to the field of forensics have been acknowledged several times.

I conducted various online forensic quizzes and annual conferences, apart from forensic services, to motivate new talent and enhance existing knowledge.

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Dr Ranjeet Singh

Best Corporate Forensics Services

Dr Ranjeet Singh

Maximum Forensics Quizzes

Dr Ranjeet Singh

Yearly Forensics Conference

Dr Ranjeet Singh

Dedicated Forensics Services


My Reach

My knowledge share journey for a better future with Institutions

A B S Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences
A C P M Dental College
A V V M Sri Pushpam College, Tamil Nadu
Adikavi Nannaya University
Aditya Birla Group
Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance
Aditya Degree College

My Thoughts

Being a great thinker and leader, I strongly believe the more knowledge you spread, the more you learn. Hence here, I share my valuable insights about the current trends and development in forensic science.

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